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im not like them but i can pretendWe are two girls that know how to have fun and offer each other pleasure. We like to expose our love to everyone so that they would enjoy it as much as we are enjoying it.

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We like to show our dirty little secrets to everyone. We like to play games and satisfy each others pleasures. hi i`m Venus i`m vietnamese and mexican. i`m from los angeles. you will love my innocent face and naughty demeanor. i have a nice round butt, a beautifully curved body and youthful breasts. i would like my chatroom to be sexy and fun.

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I love fashion. I feel really sexy in heels and i have a major shoe fetish. i love warm weather and the beach. i work at a local bikini bar as a dancer. Join my room and have a great talk together. You are free to bring up and topic. Note that I won't get naked, I am not that kind. Amazingly beautiful brunette with a huge appetite for life and love!

You can always have anything else, any tits, any ass....but there nothing like pure chemestry of our two bodies together in a wild, kinky twist!!

I`m a very feminine natural beauty with long natural hair and very hot, dangerous curves to complete the picture of perfection! Come say hi and who knows, maybe we bond, we connect and we can live out the intensity lust has to offer. Hot lady with endless lust. Not for the elderly alone.


The carnal desire I constantly feel is burning me alive - come into my private room look into my deep coloured eyes and soon You will feel my firm body rubbing against Yours. Let our story begin.


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Un jeune italien et la mere d'un ami

Un jeune italien et la mere d'un ami